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Years of Resistance

The Mandate of Emile Lahood, the Former President of Lebanon

by Karim Pakradouni

Imprint: Garnet Authors: Karim Pakradouni Categories: Biography & Memoir, History Tags: current affairs, Lebanon, politics ISBN: 9781859643075 Size: 235 x 155 mm Binding: Hardback Publication Date: May 2012 RRP:
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Émile Lahood served in various positions in the Lebanese military, holding the title of commander-in-chief of the army for almost ten years. In 1998 the Lebanese Parliament amended the constitution to allow the commander-in-chief to run for office, and Lahood was subsequently elected as President of Lebanon.

Years of Resistance is a testimony of Lahood’s mandate during his nine years in office. The majority of material for the book is taken from the weekly meetings that the author, Karim Pakradouni, and Lahood had during this period. The reader is placed at the heart of Lebanese politics, as Pakradouni reveals the conflicts, reform attempts and liberation that shaped Lahood’s reign.

Lahood’s popularity, political neutrality and strong ties with Syria and the United States made him well suited for the Lebanese presidency. His tenure provided an opportunity for major changes in Lebanese political thought: he actively backed the Lebanese resistance to liberate South Lebanon from the Israeli occupation; all foreign troops left Lebanon; and at the Arab league summit conference in Beirut 2002 Lahood added a clause to the Arab peace initiative stating the right of return of the Palestinians to their homeland.

This book brings to light new details of these important events, plus many more, and describes several key Lebanese and Arab figures in a way that leads to better comprehension of the interminable crisis and wars which took place in Lebanon and in the Middle East. It is a summary of the Lebanese political situation, where hopes are interspersed with fear.

About the author(s):

Karim Pakradouni

Karim Pakradouni is a lawyer, minister and writer, with degrees in Law and History, and an MA in Political Sciences. He has held many esteemed positions during his career, including counsellor of former President Elias Sarkis, counsellor of former President Bachir Gemayel, President of the Kataeb Party, and Minister of State for Development Reform.

His previous publications include Stillborn Peace: Elias Sarkis’ Mandate (1976–1982) and Le Piège: Amine Gemayel’s Mandate (1982–1988).

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